What is the Phenibut High?


The phenibut high is a euphoric experience attributed to using the nootropic drug. While it is common enough to be a popular recreational use of phenibut, it does not occur in everyone.

Also, the phenibut high does not come without risks. Someone who is using this smart drug for the purpose of increasing euphoria and feeling a drug-like effect may have problems with tolerance and withdrawal effects.

Phenibut High: How Does it Work and Why?

Getting high off of phenibut is often caused by interaction with GABA and glutamate receptors within the brain. The phenibut drug interacts with the same parts of the brain as alcohol. Some people experience effects of using phenibut for alcohol tolerance, but this can also lead to blackouts and unintended consequences.

There are not many studies that focus on the recreational uses of phenibut and similar nootropic drugs, but online anecdotes provide a sobering picture (pun intended). Many people use phenibut as a tool for improving their tolerance to alcohol. This makes it so they have to drink less, but it comes with many risks.

At Nootropedia, we know that people will utilize drugs for recreational purposes, but we recommend avoiding this when at all possible. Phenibut has a number of side effects, including quickly building a tolerance to the drug and significant withdrawal symptoms. People who experience withdrawals from phenibut often experience nausea, headaches, and other pains similar to that of a hangover. Some even experience hallucinations.

Therefore, while the phenibut high might be enjoyable during the experience, it is most certainly not a long-term solution. In fact, much like alcohol, using it too often will cause intense negative consequences for the days afterward.

Safe Phenibut Consumption

If you want to take phenibut, we recommend you have a safer approach. Do not use it in search for a high, but rather use the recommended dosage to reduce your anxiety and feelings of stress. This dosage is 250 – 500 mg and should not be taken daily or else it can build a tolerance quickly.

Also, because this is a smart drug not regulated by the FDA, we suggest you look for an option that has full third party testing and is reputable. Vendors like Nootropics Depot and Pure Nootropics are reliable options for purchasing any product (especially phenibut).

You can purchase phenibut through our recommended vendor here.

What Chasing the Phenibut High Might Mean

For those that find the phenibut high to be intriguing, there might be another mechanism at play within your brain. Because phenibut can work so well with GABA receptors, it might be an idea to find drugs that operate on the same mechanisms within the brain.

One example is lemon balm, which may not be a 1-to-1 comparison with phenibut, but will assuredly make your experience less anxious and stressful if that is your problem. Many who utilize lemon balm as a drug for improving their sleep quality and reduce anxiety find it is helpful.

Understanding the mechanisms at work in your own mind can give you insight so as to avoid chasing the wrong experience. In a recent interview with Dr. Andrew Hill (from Peak Brain Institute), he told me that much of the current smart drug world is exhibiting drug seeking behavior similar to illegal substances. Let's avoid this by seeking more sustainable drugs to solve the problem.