How to Use L-Theanine for Sleep


How can you use L-theanine for sleep?

Take a small dose of 1-200 mg shortly before bed.

Sleep Latency and Quality

Even though L-theanine is often used in conjunction with caffeine in order to increase focus and alertness, it is possible to use only L-theanine for the purpose of improving your sleep quality. Because L theanine can reduce feelings of anxiety and induce relaxation, one of the side effects is enhanced sleep quality.

The sleep duration and latency are not affected by theanine, but one study on children showed that sleep quality was far higher when consuming with L-theanine. Thus, it might not make it easier to go to sleep, but L theanine might make the sleep you get much better quality [1].

Other research on L-theanine for sleep revolves around ADHD and children. There are many kids diagnosed with ADHD every day and using theanine to improve sleep can be an effective way of managing some of the symptoms. The L-theanine did not help the children to sleep any longer, but again helped improve the quality of sleep [2].

While l-theanine might not necessarily be an Adderall alternative, it can be part of a wider scheme to avoid taking amphetamine-based prescription drugs.

Consuming L-theanine and Other Sleep Aids

There are a host of sleep aids in addition to l-theanine that might resonate more with your personal biochemistry. You should try to use L theanine for better sleep, but don’t forget many of the other options that you can try as well. These include things like kava tea, lemon balm extract, and even Ayurvedic herbs like ashwagandha.

The main benefit of using L-theanine for sleep is that it is able to help induce alpha brain wave state. This is the same brain wave state that is said to come with meditative practice, but you can also utilize this relaxing state for sleep.

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