An Unbiased Noopept Review


Noopept is a cognitive enhancing drug that has positive scientific and anecdotal reviews. Many countries, such as Russia and the former Soviet Union, consider noopept the best drug for treating age-related memory loss, Alzheimer’s disease, and dementia.

You can find a noopept review on internet communities, such as Longecity or Reddit, which will discuss the anecdotal effects of the drug.

  • Scientific Research – Memory enhancer, prevents cognitive decline, Alzheimer’s disease, senile dementia
  • Anecdotal Evidence – Stimulant, focus-promoting, anti-anxiety

A Noopept Review: Science and Anecdotes

The noopept smart drug was developed in 1996 and was primarily used as a cognitive enhancer. The studies that do exist suggest noopept is useful for treating age-related cognitive decline, symptoms of Alzheimer’s disease, and senile dementia [1].

The primary mechanism of noopept is to add brain chemicals nerve-growth factor (NGF) and brain derived neurotrophic factor (BDNF), which are both important for memory formation and learning [2]. These compounds are like fertilizer for the brain, which will aid in many functions (both for the body and the brain).

The main mechanism, as with many of the racetams (which is why noopept is confused as a racetam), is cholinergic function. Noopept is one of the most effective chemical compounds for enhancing cognitive capacity via the cholinergic pathway.

The science is relatively robust over the past few decades, but unfortunately focuses primarily on those with deficits of some kind. Elderly people with senile dementia, memory loss, or age related issues are not the best people to compare with if you are a healthy adult. Unfortunately, this is an aspect of the “disease model” of healthcare we currently have in the U.S. versus an enhancement model.

This scientific research is comprehensive, but anecdotal evidence from online communities has exploded with a variety of other uses. Because noopept is considered similar to piracetam, there are comparisons between the two drugs. One comparison posits that noopept is 1000 times stronger than piracetam [3]. This has prompted many users to discover what noopept can do for their personal biochemistry.

The results have been interesting. Due to the higher potency of noopept, many people anecdotally report feelings of stimulation. They discuss feelings of greater attention, focus, and concentration. You can find a noopept review on some of the following topics:

  • Concentration / focus / stimulation
  • Anti-anxiety – both generalized and social anxiety are reduced
  • Clarity and creativeness – some people mention having more clarity with noopept

The reason people may have a better experience using noopept is because the stimulation occurs differently than traditional drugs. Rather than pumping the brain with a bunch of dopamine (a brain chemical associated with happiness), noopept helps turn on certain parts of the brain (and turn off others).

Which Noopept Review Do I Believe?

For most people who are new to nootropics, consider all of the noopept reviews that you find online. You do not need to believe anyone who claims that it is the wonder drug and there is no need to dismiss the drug because one person complains. Just be conscious and aware of what people are writing on the subject.

If you are still interested, you can buy noopept through our recommended vendor, Pure Nootropics. They sell both noopept capsules and powder with third party certificates of analysis so you can have more peace of mind regarding protection. Of course, there is a better source of noopept if you can stomach it…

The Power of Noopept Sublingual

There are no scientific studies about administration changes, but many online noopept reviews suggest using a sublingual solution can be a big game changer for the efficacy of the drug. Many people recount that the stimulatory effects are far more profound with a sublingual solution.

This may be caused because noopept loses much of its psychoactive effect passing through the intestines. This “first pass metabolism” is inefficient and thus causes us to feel less effects taking a powder or capsule.

Whatever the reason, anecdotes report that it works better. The only problem is the taste. A solution of noopept can taste quite bad, but adding a few flavorings can spruce it up a bit. Alternatively, look for the sublingual noopept solution on Pure Nootropics (link here). It's one of the most effective ways of consuming the drug.

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