Supplier Summaries

Assuming you have understood the nootropics you are interested in taking, the next step is obviously finding reliable products. Unlike many other industries, nootropics are still very much in their infancy, which means you must navigate vendors and suppliers mindfully.

Over the past 5 – 10 years there have been dozens of small nootropics suppliers that have popped up and failed, some of whom failed because of selling dangerous, fraudulent, or low quality products.

These smart drug supplier summaries will help you to make better purchasing decisions from both a cost and safety perspective. Anytime you want to buy nootropics online, consult this list for a full breakdown.

[UPDATED:] April 11, 2017 – Here is a video about buying nootropics safely.

Covered Suppliers

Nootropics Depot | Pure Nootropics | Peak Nootropics | Powder City | Ceretropic | Health Supplement Wholesalers | Absorb Health | Now Foods | New Star Nootropics

Proprietary Companies

Onnit | Natural Stacks

Nootropics Depot

Highly reliable seller of common nootropic compounds in bulk powder and capsule form. Nootropics Depot has smart drugs for sale, which are tested for purity with high performance liquid chromatography (HPLC) and other methods with a full-time analytical chemist. Nootropics Depot is also operated by a Reddit moderator and active community member in Arizona with whom Nootropedia has friendly relations. Visit their individual supplier page here.

Pure Nootropics

This New Mexico based nootropics supplier sells encapsulated products and bulk powders of common nootropics (specializing in racetams). Since the beginning, Pure Nootropics has provided third-party certificates of analysis (CoA) and heavy metal testing on many of their products to ensure safety. Visit their individual supplier page here.

Peak Nootropics

Peak Nootropics is a reliable and mostly safe supplier that uses 3rd party testing on their products. They have been castigated for spammy marketing tactics on forums and other communities, but reports suggest this has stopped. Anecdotal reports also suggest Peak Nootropics has little to no hands-on experience with their products. Visit their individual supplier page here.

Powder City

NOTE: As of April 2017, Powder City is defunct and not operating.

One of the biggest nootropics vendors is Powder City, which has a long history in the community. Formerly known as Health Supplement Wholesalers, this brand has supported independent testing and passed 3 various racetam tests in 2013 (assay tests).


Organized by the same Reddit moderator as Nootropics Depot, the Ceretropic brand maintained a good reputation for rigorous control standards. Ceretropic provides mostly research and new chemical compounds, which are not yet fully researched or cleared for human consumption. Nonetheless, Ceretropic offered many unique drugs (such as sublingual solutions). Visit their individual supplier page here.

Health Supplement Wholesalers

Health Supplement Wholesalers has been re-incarnated as Powder City. Given that they have been accused of shady marketing practices, one might wonder why they decided to change names. Visit the Powder City individual supplier page here.

Absorb Your Health

In comparison with other nootropics suppliers, Absorb Your Health is not highly reputable. The main black mark on their reputation is the lack of independent certificates of analysis for their products. This is particularly troubling given the percentage of nootropics that come from China and outside the United States. Visit their individual supplier page here.

Now Foods

Beyond simply nootropics, Now Foods is a large supplier that has vast reach in retail and wholesale markets. You can find their products on Amazon and they have consistently maintained reliable product delivery and even extensive in-house testing for many of their products.

New Star Nootropics

New Star Nootropics (now known as Star Nootropics) was one of the early adopters of 3rd party purity testing. They have consistently delivered products within the nootropic community reliably and have maintained high customer satisfaction.


Onnit is one of the most popular nootropic companies in the world. They are the creators of many unique nootropic products including their flagship called Alpha Brain. They are a reliable seller and have been credited with their efforts to prove product efficacy in clinical trials. One study published in the Journal of Human Psychopharmacology showed their dedication to scientifically proven products. Visit more info about their tests and Alpha Brain here.

Natural Stacks

Natural Stacks is a reliable vendor of many products, most notably CILTEP (chemically induced long-term potentiation) in partnership with its creator Abelard Lindsay (not his real name). Natural Stacks has many great reviews and a reputation for quality and transparency. Visit more about Natural Stacks and CILTEP here.


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