While close to the racetam line of drugs, sunifram is a unique synthetic derivative of piracetam with memory enhancing and anti-amnesic effects [1]. Said to be four times more potent than piracetam [2], this drug is growing in popularity despite being somewhat misunderstood and under-studied.

Within the Reddit and Longecity communities, there are many positive anecdotes of sunifram usage, but there isn’t a lot of research. The unique aspect of sunifram is the anti-amnesiac properties, which are similar to nefiracetam and somewhat unique from other drugs in the racetam class.

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Editors’ Thoughts on Sunifram

I’ve never tried this by itself, but it is part of a combination that I have tried before. The combination of nootropics includes phenylpiracetam, nefiracetam, fasoracetam, and coluracetam so any report from me is highly confounded by the number of variables.

According to Kurtis Frank (the editor of Examine), the research on nefiracetam seems very similar to sunifram, but more is known about it. That leads me to believe nefiracetam might be the safer or better bet, but that will depend on the person.

I’m sure everyone reacts to drugs differently, but the sense that I get from reading reports of sunifram online is that people are enjoying it because it is novel as opposed to any true effects that are noticeable compared with other racetams. That’s just a judgement on my part, though.

Those who are not enjoying it are pretty vocal about it, which concerns me even further. It will probably prevent me from trying it by itself (or even as part of a stack).

Mansal Denton, Nootropedia Editor

Benefits of Sunifram

Most of the sunifram benefits are similar to piracetam and other drugs in the class. Despite having a quite different chemical structure, sunifram acts similar to other drugs in this class. Namely, sunifram increases acetylcholine release in the brain [3], which is often associated with memory and learning enhancements.

Memory benefits of sunifram may also come from a process of long-term potentiation [4]. Studies show that sunifram can increase this process, which is similar to the mechanism of action of CILTEP (though the drugs act quite differently).

The main benefit of sunifram, which makes it somewhat unique, is the anti-amnesiac effects [5]. Signalling via certain receptors, NDMA and AMPA, helps provide the benefit similar to the way nefiracetam operates.

Side Effects of Sunifram

As of now, there do not appear to be many side effects of sunifram from a research or scientific perspective, but the community does not seem enthusiastic about the drug.

There are many respected members of the Reddit and Longecity forums (including moderators), that consider sunifram to be “Glutaminergic poison” [6]. Alternatives are often recommended because sunifram is so poorly received.

Sunifram Dosage

If you are planning to buy sunifram, the dosage recommendations range from 5 – 10 mg, though some people take a higher dose. There are no human trials so these numbers are extrapolated from animal studies and have no real basis for human consumption.

Some of the products online will have different dosage recommendations, but keep in mind the potential for side effects when using sunifram.

How and Where to Buy Sunifram

Because there is so little evidence and so few people interested in taking sunifram, it is difficult to find. Many of the bigger vendors, such as Nootropics Depot or Pure Nootropics, do not want to sell sunifram for a host of reasons.

If you must buy sunifram, you can do so via other online vendors (such as New Star Nootropics), but we have not vetted this vendor and do not have any recommendation one way or another. You can view the Reddit beginner guide [7] in order to better understand the risks associated with sunifram vendors.

Selected Community Experiences

It's a Glutamatergic poison that should be avoided by anyone, especially those who suffer from Glutamatergic problems. There are already too many horror stories about it. If you really want to boost your Glutamatergic signaling, use Memantine + Unifiram or something like that.” [8] – FrigoCoder

I would agree with his statement. Sunifiram is a piece of shit cognitive enhancer, with way to many ancillary side effects to be useful. Unifiram is a lot smoother, while maintaining the AMPA effects.” [9] – MisterYouAreSoDumb

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