Powder City Review

IMPORTANT: As of March, 2017 Powder City is no longer operating. We suggest other trusted vendors, such as Nootropics Depot and Pure Nootropics.

Powder City is among one of the oldest nootropics retailers on the market. Previously named Health Supplement Wholesalers, this company has grown a reputation as a reliable supplier. Namely, their support of the nootropics community has helped them to achieve recognition.

However, with this Powder City review, we will explore all aspects of this supplier to help you decide whether you want to buy nootropics online from them or whether it would be better to find an alternative.

Quality Control and Powder City

Due to the relatively new nature of nootropics and smart drugs, many companies have decided to utilize third-party or non-manufacturer testing facilities in order to maintain safety and purity of their products. The majority (if not all) nootropic compounds are synthesized and produced in China, which is not as trustworthy or reliable as many consumers would like.

Therefore, when Powder City offered to sponsor independent testing on rounds of products in 2013, the move was well-received.

Some people have recently brought up the fact that Powder City no longer provides third-party certificates of analysis on their website. Despite this change, Powder City still offers to provide certificates of analysis upon request. According to the owner, their third-party lab was getting several calls and questions regarding products and the decision to take it down was made.

In order to maintain quality control when you buy Powder City products, make sure you email them to ask about a CoA if you have any hesitation or question beforehand.

Buy Powder City – Shipping and Fulfillment

In order to properly analyze whether Powder City is legitimate and reliable in their shipping and fulfillment, it is important to consider their former incarnation, Health Supplement Wholesalers, as well.

Health Supplement Wholesalers seems to have had a mixed relationship with many people in the nootropics community, but was largely considered reliable and trustworthy. Minus a few questionable marketing practices, Health Supplement Wholesalers and Powder City can largely be considered reliable.

One concern regards Powder City’s reviews on their product website. According to numerous community members, high reviews were published on the website while low or bad reviews were suppressed. However, Powder City representatives quickly acknowledged the wrongdoing and rectified the situation.

Otherwise, the only potential problem with Powder City is fulfillment of international orders, which is largely in the hands of customs officials. Simply due to the volume of orders Powder City processes, you might find reviews of Powder City online that describe orders being held at customs. You probably have no higher risk of Powder City products being held at customs than any other supplier.


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