How Positive Are L-Theanine Reviews?


L-Theanine is an amino acid found in tea that has relaxing and calming properties, but without sedating the user. There are thousands of online L-theanine reviews discussing the efficacy of the supplement.

Almost all of the reviews of L-theanine are positive or neutral.

This amino acid is not an incredibly potent nootropic, which means there are some people that have a neutral review. They do not feel any stimulation, enhancement in cognition, or even relaxation, and so they consider L-theanine to not work properly.

Others feel the effects of L-theanine because of their personal biochemistry and this allows them to recount a positive L-theanine review.

What are L-Theanine Complaints?

Most of the complaints about L-theanine stem from the lack of efficacy, but this only ever makes people feel like their expectations were not met. In reality, some people have false or unrealistic expectations.

L-theanine is a highly researched and documented nootropic compound, which is why it is so popular. Despite the popularity and evidence in favor, it does not have the “feeling” (otherwise known as stimulation) as many other smart drugs. Thus, any negative L-theanine reviews are usually about unmet expectations rather than reality.

Positive L-Theanine Reviews

The information online about L-theanine is overwhelming positive, however. Most people who are using the smart drug in combination in caffeine find that it is one of the best combinations that they can find. Studies suggest that L-theanine and caffeine are actually more effective together than either of the two individually [1]. This suggests a synergy between the two compounds.

Many people who take the drug on Longecity or Reddit (both online communities dedicated to nootropics) have recorded their positive reviews. For example, one person said “It seemed unreal, the day felt like an accordion smushed together.” [2] Another person said “…my coffee just makes me awake and focused now without feeling strung out” [3].

With reviews such as this, it is hard to question the validity of the L-theanine smart drug. The reviews of L-theanine in combination with all the research should be enough to convince you that it is at least worth trying.

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