Piracetam Reviews to Rely On


Piracetam reviews on nootropics communities, such as Reddit and Longecity, vary widely depending on the individual. Although most piracetam reviews are positive or neutral about the drug, individuals’ perceptions cast a more sobering light on the drug itself.

Consensus: Positive / Neutral

Piracetam Reviews for Cognition

It is very rare to find people explaining their reviews of piracetam with any kind of hard data. Even though there are tools like NooTracker and Dual-N-Back to help people track cognitive performance, only a small percentage participate. The vast majority of individuals do not spend enough time focused on tracking and thus do not have any tangible evidence either positive or negative.

The piracetam reviews that do exist online are primarily related to the stimulatory or anxiolytic effects of the drug. Some people notice a distinct difference and relay that (even if they cannot fully describe it). For example, here is one Redditor explaining his subjective experience:

I noticed very soon after taking the Piracetam that my brain was working a hell lot better. I only ate eggs alot for choline. The piracetam was working so I didn’t feel the need to buy choline sources.” [1] – drmassien

Piracetam Reviews You Can Trust

Another thing to keep in mind when you look at piracetam reviews is that many videos or blog posts you read will have a biased in favor of the drug so that they can sell it to you. Nootropedia has a philosophy of providing truthful information as an unbiased resource. Thus, we recommend you utilize resources such as Longecity and Reddit to look for reviews of piracetam.

The anecdotal evidence from these reviewers is worth taking with a grain of salt (as it is a subjective experience, not scientific evidence). However, it can help you to get more authentic reviews from unbiased sources than other means.

Nootropedia Piracetam Review

Our review of piracetam is positive, though not ground-breaking. Piracetam has some visual and spatial improvements that I notice as soon as the drug starts to kick in. Unfortunately, there has not been ample time for me to check whether or not the drug is useful for memory formation and cognitive performance.

Mansal Denton, Nootropedia Editor

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