Phenibut GNC Ban: What You Need to Know


The phenibut GNC ban has made it so that there are no GNC outlets selling phenibut. In the United States and other locations where GNC exists, there is no way to walk into a brick and mortar location and purchase phenibut.

In order to buy phenibut, you will need to look for online options. There are many vendors of phenibut, but only a few are worth trusting. Also, this is a drug that comes with many side effects and the potential for strong withdrawal symptoms.

How to Buy Phenibut Safely

Now that you know phenibut GNC options are no longer available, you can stop going to local health food stores. There are many online options that you can choose from, but ensure that the phenibut you purchase comes from a trustworthy source.

There is no FDA regulation on phenibut, which means you have to find a vendor that is transparent and trustworthy. We have found Pure Nootropics and Nootropics Depot to be the most reputable options within the industry for phenibut.

[Edit: March 20, 2017 – Pure Nootropics no longer sells phenibut. You may purchase from Nootropics Depot, which is on the reliable vendor list HERE.]

If you are looking for an option to buy phenibut we would recommend you also look at the online communities where hundreds (if not thousands) of people are using these products. That way, you don’t have to take our recommendation on vendors, but rather seek the best for yourself.

Reddit is a good place to start and there are threads on Longecity forums that discuss how to buy phenibut safely as well.

Why the Phenibut GNC Ban?

As soon as someone hears that phenibut works, most are looking for the nearest GNC or supplement store. So why is it that phenibut cannot be found at any GNC? It's a risky nootropic / smart drug to be taking.

GNC is a publicly traded company, which means it is under the scrutiny of the public and many governmental regulators. Most private businesses do not want the burden of any kind of grey area drugs, but public companies are even less likely!

One of the main reasons GNC doesn't want to deal with the burden of carrying phenibut is because of the side effects that some people experience.

Side Effects of Phenibut: Do You Want it Anyway?

While there are plenty of benefits of phenibut, there are also many side effects. The tolerance problem is one that causes many people consternation. After using phenibut too many days in a row, it is easy to build a tolerance to the drug. This tolerance can manifest itself in needing higher doses, which eventually turns into addiction.

The withdrawal effects of not having phenibut can be like a hangover as well. Some people recount feeling nauseous or having a headache. There are some people who have taken such a high dose of phenibut that they end of with hallucinations, though this is rare.

Either way, using the drug and developing any kind of tolerance assumes you have the potential for downsides or withdrawal effects. Because phenibut is a strong GABA agonist, the effects are quite apparent.

The drug can surely help prevent feelings of anxiety and depression, but it comes with inherent risks. Make sure you are aware of these risks before you search. Also, ensure you are searching in a location that has phenibut for sale now that you know the phenibut GNC ban is in effect.

You can purchase phenibut from our recommended vendor here.

Editors' Thoughts on Phenibut

In a recent email I sent out, one of the stories I shared was a friend Luke Storey who uses phenibut every once in a while in order to optimize his sleep. Although the man later confessed he was drunk, one reader emailed enraged that I would say anything to encourage people to use phenibut.

From his perspective (as a former user and addict), it was incredibly dangerous to even mention the drug for a wider audience. While I don't think it's nearly that problematic, it does go to show that there are some people who find phenibut a hard drug to shake.

Storey, who himself confesses to being a heroin addict earlier in his life, has no problems taking phenibut once per week or even less. In either case, I've never tried (or felt the need to) phenibut, but perhaps this anecdote gives you some idea of the side effect / withdrawal potential mentioned above.

Mansal Denton, Nootropedia Editor