Phenibut Dosage for Safe Usage


The recommended phenibut dosage is 250 – 500 mg per day.

Soviet scientists tried to develop a drug for cosmonauts to be more effective in space in zero gravity environments. The result was phenibut, which has significant antianxiety and antidepressive effects.

There is also evidence that phenibut usage can lead to tolerance and eventual withdrawal symptoms. Using the recommended dosage will largely avoid that problem, but users must also be conscious of taking the drug every day.

Phenibut Dosage for Tolerance and Withdrawals

One of the major concerns for anybody who is using phenibut, are the tolerance issues that some people complain of. Phenibut is a cognitive enhancing drug that has significant mood boosting effects (some consider it euphoria). It is a powerful antianxiety and antidepressant, but this comes with potential for addiction and tolerance.

The phenibut dosage of 250 – 500 mg per day will work well at the beginning of usage. If you continue to use phenibut every day (even at 250 mg), then your body will quickly adapt and require you to take more. Gradually, you will need more and more until your phenibut tolerance is at 500 mg or more per day.

When users of phenibut try to quit using the drug in order to remove their tolerance, they often find significant side effects in the form of withdrawal symptoms.

The withdrawal symptoms of phenibut can be debilitating. Some people recount nausea, headaches, and other indicators of a hangover-like experience. In some extreme cases, there are even accounts of withdrawal symptoms causing hallucinations and similar experiences.

How to Take Phenibut Safely

Our recommendation for taking phenibut is to use it as needed. Some people take it once a week and never develop a tolerance for the drug or have side effects. This is not assured, but it is one way to utilize the powerful effects of the drug without growing addicted.

Whatever you do, make sure you stay within the recommended dosage. Anything more than 500 mg per day is asking for major tolerance and withdrawal problems. Finally, ensure you have the right vendor for your product. Pure Nootropics is a phenibut vendor where you can buy third party tested phenibut.