Phenibut for Alcohol Tolerance Warning


Phenibut for alcohol can cause extreme side effects and overdoses. We do not recommend combining the two compounds and many people within the Longecity and Reddit communities agree.

Phenibut and alcohol are central-nervous system depressants. By combining the two, your brain is overloading GABA(b) receptors and this will have negative repercussions for you.

Community Discussion on Phenibut for Alcohol

There is not a lot of scientific evidence that covers the combination of phenibut and alcohol. If you are interested in learning more about the two, the online communities are a great place to do so. Both Reddit and Longecity are helpful tools for learning. The experiences of others will not correlate to you necessarily, but they will help you to better understand the risks.

According to many people within the Reddit community, the benefit of phenibut and alcohol is to reduce tolerance. People who take phenibut before drinking alcohol find that their tolerance is lowered, they can become intoxicated quicker, and they have to pay less money in order to achieve this desired effect.

Despite the theoretical “benefit” for many forum-goers, the common trend is that this practice is not worth doing because of the side effects. Many people recount failing to recognize the tolerance and blacking out long before they expect [1].

Many times, the people who do combine phenibut for alcohol will use higher doses of phenibut as well (in the 1 – 2 gram range), which is far above the standard recommended 250 – 500 mg dosage.

How to Safely Use Phenibut

It may seem like a good idea in theory, but phenibut and alcohol should not be combined in order to reduce tolerance if you want to maintain a safe supplement regime. Instead, you should stick to the recommended dosage of 250 – 500 mg per day. If you can avoid taking the drug every day, you will not develop a tolerance to the drug or debilitating withdrawal symptoms.

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