Peak Nootropics Review

Peak Nootropics is a fairly large supplier of various nootropics products within the continental United States and Canada. Although many of the supposedly “neutral” or information sites claim to adequately review Peak Nootropics, because of their high affiliate commission, few portals have discussed Peak Nootropics in depth.

This Peak Nootropics review will analyze data from within the community to determine how reliable and safe this vendor is. While we could make money selling Peak Nootropics powders for sale, we prefer to ensure objective information is passed to potential buyers.

Quality Control and Peak Nootropics

One of the main indicators of quality control is third party independent testing. Most nootropics (especially racetam powders) are synthesized in China, which means they can be of dubious quality. A vendor that does not consistently use third party testing will not ensure quality of every batch.

Peak Nootropics does third party testing on most of their products, but not all. You should visit their website to see which products have third party testing and which do not.

NOTE: Just because a brand does not have third party testing does not mean they are not reliable. Some products require less scrutiny than others, but that is up to the discretion of the companies and the buyers.

Buy Peak Nootropics – Shipping and Fulfillment

Trusting Peak Nootropics to supply your nootropics is one method amongst many. According to some reports, people have made multiple orders with Peak Nootropics and not received any product in return. Even as recently as December and January, 2016 many angry customers complain about receiving no products or waiting 7 days before being shipped.

We recognize that any business with a high volume of orders will have some fall through the cracks. Most likely, people (especially those in the United States) have a high deliverability rate despite the few hiccups found online.

If you decide to buy nootropics online from Peak Nootropics, consider some of the following information from within the nootropics community on Reddit:

When someone does the right thing for the wrong reasons that doesn’t give me much faith that they will continue, and it seems they have not. To add to it a little bit, the first experiences we had with PeakNootropics here they were spamming this subreddit with fake testimonials days after their website went up. That doesn’t really give us much confidence in their honesty either. But most of that was long ago and it’s always possible for the owner to change the way they do business.” – ZombieChalmers (moderator on Reddit)

…is this how this company operates? I never received my order and they never sent it.” – CanadianGirl31


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