Overview of Tyrosine Benefits


Tyrosine is an amino acid with many benefits for cognitive function. Here are the main tyrosine benefits:

  • Concentration and attention [1]
  • Memory formation [2]
  • Mood enhancer [3]
  • Prevents cognitive decline with stress [4]

There are other downstream tyrosine benefits, but these are the major ones that you may experience when using the drug.

Tyrosine Benefits and Research

When looking at the benefits or side effects of any drug, it is most useful to utilize modern research and scientific data. One study on tyrosine showed that military personnel who were exposed to cold and altitude stressors were able to withstand this better with tyrosine than placebo [5].

Other studies looked at a reduction in blood pressure, cognition, and general mental abilities while under combat training. There is a common trend among the studies with military personnel and almost all of them have a positive ending.

Are there Alternatives to Tyrosine?

Even though tyrosine (mostly purchased as L-tyrosine) is useful with many of the benefits we have described. There are other options for the same compound. For example, you might be able to use N-Acetyl-L-Tyrosine (NALT) as a mechanism to enhance these markers of your performance with more efficacy.

There are many people who utilize NALT as a way to get more L-tyrosine. The acetylated form of the compound will make it more bioavailable and thus easier to get this amino acid to do its work.

You may want to start out with buying tyrosine instead of NALT just to get a feel for the amino acid and to avoid any shocks to the system. While both drugs have relatively few side effects, it is almost always better to be on the side of caution.

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