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Last updated: April 18, 2017

Welcome to Nootropics University!

This is an aggregation of nootropics, neuroscience, and cognitive enhancement university courses from around the world including Stanford, M.I.T., Harvard, and dozens of others.

The objective of this page is to make self-study easy, painless, and affordable. 

While there are dozens of books about each of these topics, there are also courses taught by highly educated and intelligent professors. Below you will find some of the best courses on the subjects that pertain to nootropics and smart drugs.

Nootropedia is dedicated to providing the highest quality information even if it is unaffiliated with our website. While managed by Nootropedia, this is a community lead enterprise. Please provide feedback (to the right of the screen) with updates and changes to this page.

Disclaimer: Many of the following courses are easily available on YouTube or via university websites, but others are behind programs like Coursera, Future Learn and EdX. All of these require accounts, but they are free.

Getting Started

The courses below are taught by university professors on topics directly related to nootropics and tangential areas such as neuroscience, biology, and pharmacology. We do not have any advice regarding curriculum, but instead suggest self-study to follow what is most interesting.

Each of the sections below will have courses with the name, where the course is found / is accessed, the professor, and syllabus (if available).

NOTE: If you believe we should add another section or if we are missing courses, please provide feedback so that we can change the page.

Basics (Sciences)

Logical and Critical Thinking
  • University: The University of Auckland (New Zealand)
  • Professor: Tim Dare
  • Enroll here (Future Learn)
Thinking Critically: Interpreting Randomized Clinical Trials
  • University: Stanford University School of Medicine
  • Professor: Steven Goodman, MD, PhD, MHS
  • Enroll here
  • University: University of Kentucky
  • Professor: Dr. Allison Soult
  • Enroll here (Coursera)
Introduction to Physical Chemistry
  • University: University of Manchester (U.K.)
  • Professor: Patrick O’Malley, D.Sc
  • Enroll here (Coursera)
Good Brain, Bad Brain: Basics
  • University: The University of Birmingham (U.K.)
  • Professor: Alison Cooper
  • Enroll here (Future Learn)


Understanding the Brain: The Neurobiology of Everyday Life
  • University: The University of Chicago
  • Professor: Peggy Mason
  • Enroll here (Coursera)
Computational Neuroscience
  • University: The University of Washington
  • Professor: Rajesh Rao
  • Enroll here (Coursera)
The Brain and Space
  • University: Duke University
  • Professor: Dr. Jennifer Groh
  • Enroll here (Coursera)
Introduction to Neuroeconomics: How the Brain Makes Decisions
  • University: Higher School of Economics (Russia)
  • Professor: Vasily Klucharev
  • Enroll here (Coursera)
Cognitive Neuroscience Robotics - Part A
  • University: Osaka University (Japan)
  • Professor: Minoru Asada
  • Enroll here (EdX)
Cellular Mechanisms of Brain Function
  • University: Ecole Polytechnique Federale de Lausanne (Switzerland)
  • Professor: Carl Peterson
  • Enroll here (EdX)
Advanced Neurobiology I
  • University: Peking University (China)
  • Professor: Yan Zhang
  • Enroll here (Coursera)
Advanced Neurobiology II
  • University: Peking University (China)
  • Professor: Chenjian Li
  • Enroll here (Coursera)
Medical Neuroscience
  • University: Duke University
  • Professor: Dr. Leonard White
  • Enroll here (Coursera)
Visual Perception and the Brain
  • University: Duke University
  • Professor: Dr. Dale Purves, M.D.
  • Enroll here (Coursera)
Introduction to Biomedical Imaging
  • University: The University of Queensland (Australia)
  • Professor: Graham Galloway
  • Enroll here (EdX)


Drugs and the Brain (Cal Tech)
  • University: Cal Tech
  • Professor: Dr. Henry Lester
  • Enroll here (Coursera)
Drugs and the Brain (M.I.T.)
Medicinal Chemistry: The Molecular Basis of Drug Discovery
  • University: Davidson College
  • Professor: Erland Stevens
  • Enroll here (EdX)
Biochemistry and Pharmacology of Synaptic Transmission
  • University: M.I.T.
  • Professor: Richard Wurtman
  • Enroll here
  • University: M.I.T.
  • Professor: Dr. Daniela Tropea
  • Enroll here
Principles and Practice of Drug Development
  • University: M.I.T.
  • Professor: Charles Cooney
  • Enroll here
Mechanisms of Drug Actions
Principles of Pharmacology
  • University: M.I.T.
  • Professor: Dr. Carl Rosow
  • Enroll here
Prescription Drug Misuse and Addiction: Compassionate Care for a Complex Problem
  • University: Stanford University School of Medicine
  • Professor: Dr. Anna Lembke, M.D.
  • Enroll here
Drug Discovery and its Target (**Chinese**)
  • University: Peking University
  • Professor: Pu Xiao Ping
  • Enroll here (Chinese language)


Introduction to Psychology
  • University: University of Toronto
  • Professor: Steve Joordens
  • Enroll here
Positive Psychology
  • University: University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
  • Professor: Dr. Barbara Fredrickson
  • Enroll here (Coursera)

Personalized Medicine

Medical Genomics 101
  • University: Davidson College
  • Professor: A Malcom Campbell
  • Enroll here (EdX)
Genomics and the Other Omics: The Comprehensive Essentials
  • University: Stanford University School of Medicine
  • Professor: Steven Goodman, MD, PhD, MHS
  • Syllabus: Here
  • Enroll here
Genomic Medicine Gets Personal
  • University: Georgetown University
  • Professor: Bassem Haddad, MD
  • Enroll here (EdX)

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Mansal Denton is the founder of Nootropedia on a quest to inform users on effectively utilizing nootropics and smart drugs. His work has been featured in Forbes, Inc, Entrepreneur, and Vice.