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Nootropics can mean a variety of things depending on who you talk to. For many, nootropics are simply a tool to become more productive and make more money. For others, nootropics are a way to relieve oneself from pharmaceutical drugs and dangerous side effects.

Nootropics are our most powerful tool for solving global challenges as a civilization and the path to better, fulfilling work individually.

When 17th and 18th century Europeans replaced a morning cup of brandy or wine with coffee, the results were obvious. Intellectuals, now clear-headed, produced the Scientific Revolution and Enlightenment thinking. This simple chemical change fundamentally altered human history and it can happen again.

Nootropics and smart drugs are helping high performance individuals from Silicon Valley to Wall Street and even rural America to take the next step in their personal and professional evolution.

But there are dangers.

As the comic books say, with great power comes great responsibility. Nootropics are powerful and many are already abusing stimulants, such as modafinil and caffeine, which leads to burnout and side effects.

In our new documentary A Head Above, nootropics enthusiast Mansal Denton (me!) starts a 30-day journey to shoot a documentary, write a book, and document all nootropics usage along the way.

More Than Experiences

While the 30 minute documentary follows a month-long journey, the contents include many scientific and industry experts including:

  • Dave Asprey (Bulletproof coffee fame)
  • Jamie Wheal (author of Stealing Fire and Flow Genome Project)
  • Dr. Andrew Hill (neuroscientist)
  • Dan Pardi, PhD(c) (cognitive neuroscience)
  • Daniel Schmachtenberger (co-founder at Neurohacker and involved in Qualia development)

Beyond the expert cast, I included a QEEG brain mapping at the Peak Brain Institute where I took a baseline and measurement of my focus, concentration, and creativity while using the popular nootropic called phenylpiracetam.

Combining the knowledge from experts and my own experiences, this nootropics documentary aims to provide a realistic expectation for the interested user.

Unlike the film Limitless, which portrays fictional use of a cognitive enhancer that does not yet exist, A Head Above seeks to provide realistic expectations for new users and even more experienced experimenters.

nootropics documentary

What’s Next?

Filming, directing, and producing the documentary A Head Above, was an enormous and resource intensive project, but we have made viewing it completely free.

Simply visit the A Head Above documentary website, provide your email, and enjoy the show…

…in return we need your help!

To produce a full-length documentary or even a show on Netflix, we need your feedback to make this better. Positive feedback will help us understand what we did correctly. Negative feedback gives us things to work on.

Thanks for your support, Nootropedia family!


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    Hi- I’m eager to check out your documentary but I get an error when I click the links:
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    • Mansal Denton

      Hi there, thank you so much for troubleshooting. Can you check this again or maybe in an incognito browser / screenshot what goes wrong?

      I have checked myself and it seems to work. It requires an email address / name, but then you should have access to watch.

      Let me know if you can send a screenshot! Thank you