Noopept vs. Piracetam: Which is Better?


The two drugs are different families with different effects, but if we had to choose noopept vs. piracetam, we would go with: Noopept.

Even though noopept is part of a different family than piracetam, the two drugs interact very similarly to each other. Noopept is considered to be more potent and studies suggest around 1000 times more so [1].

Also, when comparing noopept vs. piracetam, it is important to consider the side effect potential for each. Studies show that noopept was 1.8 times less likely to to cause side effects than piracetam (when equitable doses were given).

Thus, noopept is both considered more potent than piracetam and at the same time safer.

The Community Speaks: Noopept vs. Piracetam

The summary above is based on very little evidence about noopept and piracetam because there are few studies comparing the two. In general, the effects are similar and anecdotal reports will give you a better idea of which one you could take.

People that use noopept report it has a greater propensity to increase stimulation, concentration, and general cognitive abilities. Noopept is more potent and thus seems to have more stimulating effects on people in the community that use the drug.

Besides the stimulation aspect, there are people who use noopept for anxiety relief as well. This may have to do with glutamate and GABA receptor modulation, which is more potent than piracetam as well.

Despite all of this anecdotal evidence in favor of noopept, there are uses for piracetam as well. For one, piracetam is a good beginner nootropic for people to get started. Also, piracetam tends to be a longer-term play that has profound effects after a while. Noopept is similar to an extent, but piracetam is a long term memory tool.

Which One Do I Buy? Noopept vs. Piracetam

If you are looking for one thing to buy, our recommendation would depend how long you have been using nootropics.

  • New user – if you are new, it is a good idea to use piracetam to start off and see whether this has a positive influence on your cognitive abilities over time. Be patient as piracetam is a long-term nootropic that doesn’t have a high sense of stimulation
  • Veteran user – for those who have a little more experience (and maybe even with piracetam), then noopept might be a good next step up. It will be something your body is a little more used to (and you can gauge properly).
  • Devout memory enhancer – if you are looking for memory enhancement as your main goal, using both noopept and piracetam together is not a bad idea. There are plenty of people who do this.

Whatever you decide, these drugs are not regulated by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) in the United States. That means you need to find a vendor that is trustworthy and reputable. To do that, we recommend you use a Nootropedia recommended vendor.

Here is a source for you to buy noopept and here is one for you to buy piracetam.

A Scientific Diversion

There may be some who are skeptical without scientific research or evidence and I understand the sentiment. It's natural for intelligent people to limit their downside and decrease the likelihood that side effects or permanent damage might create problems.

Unfortunately, there are few studies comparing the two compounds together. The existing studies show noopept was likely to have fewer side effects than piracetam (by around 1.8 times) given the same dosage, but that doesn't say much about the possible benefits.

To look towards benefits, we must view the drugs individually and strip their merits. Noopept and piracetam both interact with cholinergic functioning. Most of the studies of both drugs are with elderly or senile dementia patients, which makes it harder to compare for healthy adults.

Either way, the evidence is clear that both are useful cholinergics. The only question is which might be more effective. Some of the noopept research is pointing towards added benefits compared to piracetam. One study showed noopept encouraged NGF (nerve-growth factor) and BDNF (brain derived neurotrophic factor), which are both like fertilizer for the brain. With these added memory and learning benefits, it is easy to see how someone might choose the noopept over the piracetam.

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