NAD Injections: 3 Surprising Benefits People Are Crazy About

There are a wide variety of biohacking techniques gaining in popularity, but few are more interesting than NAD+ and the potential effects it has on healthspan and longevity. NAD provides what some called a “fountain of youth”, but simple supplements and capsules may not be doing as much as biohackers would have us believe.

NAD injections are a type of NAD+ therapy that provides more effective dosing and bioavailability, which can have short and long-term effects on performance.

The only caveat is that NAD IV therapy can be expensive and painful in the moment. Within this article, we will breakdown the value of NAD and how NAD injections might be more effective than a lifetime of oral supplements.

NAD+ Therapy: What Are the NAD Benefits?

For those unfamiliar with NAD and NAD+, it stands for nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide, which is a commonly found coenzyme in living cells. As an important part of the electron transport chain, NAD levels should be adequate or else people experience increased aging [1], the premature death of different types of cells [2], and impaired cognitive function [3].

As humans age, levels of NAD+ decline, which is one of the significant markers contributing to worse performance. A 2004 study in Drugs Under Experimental and Clinical Research found that NADH supplements could be used to improve cognitive performance of Alzheimer’s patients [4].

The laundry list of performance issues that stem from poor NAD levels need not be repeated here, but having extra NAD+ may prove beneficial for enhancement… if done the right way.

Nicotinamide Riboside Supplement vs NAD Injections

There is some comprehensive evidence that nicotinamide riboside supplements can increase NAD levels by about 2.7 times baseline levels [5]. For people who are low on NAD, these supplements can be a great way to improve them, but they are somewhat expensive for what you get.

The NAD injections are more expensive, but provide a more bioavailable form of NAD that provides therapeutic benefits considered beyond the nicotinamide riboside benefits. This primarily comes down to bioavailability. Oral pills like nicotinamide riboside need to be broken down into NAD and are not nearly as beneficial as direct NAD into the bloodstream.

On a podcast between some of the best NAD researchers in the world (Thomas Ingoglia, Dr. Milgram, and Dr. Grant), one said “I haven’t seen anything like it” and they continued to inform readers that NAD injections were the most bioavailable and effective method by far [6].

What Makes NAD+ Therapy Better?

Flooding the body with NAD injections provides a jumpstart for mitochondrial health and support. The NAD IV is the best way to get this jump start, but according to all doctors (and most clinical applications), doing injections for a short period of time and then supplementing afterwards is the best way to go.

It’s like jumpstarting a car battery. At first, some serious power (in the form of another vehicle) is needed to get the battery going. After it is up and running, the simple process of keeping the engine running is enough to charge up the battery. NAD injections work similarly in this way.

From most anecdotal accounts, it seems the NAD injections provide a far higher subjective feeling than the theoretical benefits of NAD supplements. This isn’t always the best or most scientific approach, but feeling significant affects combating fatigue and benefits for mental clarity may be their own value.

NAD IV: What’s the Cost?

The cost of NAD injections can be broken down into a couple of different categories. For one, there is the time commitment and pain associated with NAD injections. As far as this is concerned, it will require a few hours per session (altogether) and at least one session every few weeks or months.

Typically the cost is high from a dollar perspective, but what some people have complained about the most is the pain associated with the injections themselves. According to one person I spoke with, it can be quite uncomfortable and painful during the injection itself, but this is temporary and not overwhelming.

To start this NAD IV therapy, it’s probably going to cost a few thousand dollars, but this is typically an infrequent investment in regenerative health.

Post NAD Injections

One recommendation from doctors Milgram and Grant is to consider NAD nasal spray after the injections are over. This is a great way to maintain an adequate level of NAD for the mitochondria without feeling compelled to consistently take NAD injections, which not only cost a lot, but also require time and the pain associated with it.

It’s obvious that NAD injections aren’t for everyone, but for the serious biohacker dedicated to anti-aging and extending the healthspan of their life, it could be a fantastic opportunity with some cutting edge science.

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