Kava Kava High – 3 Surprising Facts to Keep You Safe


The popular kava kava high refers to a feeling of euphoria and happiness that comes from the kava kava extract. Most people who consume kava see benefits because of anti-anxiety effects, but there are a host of other advantages as well.

There are some questions about the legality of the kava kava high due to the potency of the drug in some extracts and the legal status in other countries. However, in most places in the world (including the United States), purchasing kava is quite simple and usually comes with few risks. We recommend specific vendors such as this one, however.

Even more importantly, there are kava bars popping up around urban environments in the United States that allow people to experience the kava kava high in a social setting. While it is a natural extract and provides relief for millions of people, there are some side effects of kava, which we will discuss in this article for your own protection.

What is The Kava Kava High?

The kava kava high typically refers to a feeling of euphoria or positivity that comes from the kava root. The main reason this is the case is because of of a psychoactive ingredient called “kavalactones”.

These kavalactones are the main reason you might experience the kava kava high, which is why it is important to look for this term whenever you buy kava (typically you want 30% standardized extract from the root).

The kava kava high is reliable because it is well-studied though by various other terms and names. In one study over 4 weeks, 61 different participants found they could reduce feelings of anxiety and stress using kava root [1].

Additionally, there are studies that look specifically at how powerful these anti-anxiety effects are and why many people refer to them as creating a “kava kava high”. In one study, patients were measured on a scale of “cheerfulness” to see whether kava kava could enhance subjective well-being and mood [2]. It is no surprise that the results were affirmative.

Kava Kava High Anecdotal Reports

Although the science favors using kava to reduce anxiety in many research papers, it does not focus on the specific aspects of using kava to get a “legal high”. Naturally, there is little money in the subject so scientific evidence is scarce.

That being said, there is plenty of anecdotal evidence to suggest the kava high is not only possible, but quite potent. Here are a few examples of different anecdotal reports from around the internet:

“…the anti-anxiety effect of this low dose rivaled that of xanax, and blew alcohol out of the water. I couldn’t make myself anxious if I tried…” [3] – brooklyn718

Kava is my go-to for job interviews. I take a large dose just before I head out. My head is clear and my thoughts are lucid, but my demeanor is relaxed and calm. I’m friendly with no defensiveness. It’s a truly amazing supplement for such situations. I got two job offers on Kava. It just made me feel so cool and confident… the real me that shines through when all fear disappears. Ridiculously effective stuff.” [4] – turdrail

“...kava feels to me like they are having alcohol but without the physical slowdown of alcohol so a bit looser and relaxed but not impairment of motor skills.” [5] – Bula-Babe

As you can tell, the high experienced with kava is quite potent for some people although we do not believe it will be the same for everyone. Those who are more anxious may feel more positive side effects of using the kava root extract.

Other Benefits of Kava

Besides the kava kava high, there are a host of other benefits all related to the mechanism of reducing anxiety. Not only is anxiety a mental state that can significantly reduce feelings of happiness and well-being, but it also has a slew of other problems.

Kava has a number of other benefits. These include:

  • Better sleep quality and quantity
  • Improved mental performance
  • Increased sexual arousal and sex drive

Some of you might be thinking that kava is too good to be true given the “legal high” and these other benefits, but we will break them down via scientific literature.

First, a sleep quality study showed that kava showed nootropic effects that improved sleep quality in even the hardest cases. The study even worked for cases where insomnia was caused by the anxiety [6].

In another study on cognitive performance, 20 subjects were tested on reaction time and other cognitive measures. After using kava, there was a significant increase in their cognitive performance attributed to the supplement [7].

Finally, in one of the most unique studies on female sexuality, scientists concluded that kava could help increase sex drive and arousal. They conclude that the anti-anxiety effects are the main cause of this benefit [8].

Risks Associated with Kava Kava High

While there are many benefits of the kava root (including the kava kava high), there are also risks and side effects. Most of the time, these side effects or risks are related to sourcing of the kava.

In order to get the best kava, it is important to use kava root as opposed to any other part of the plant. This is the least toxic part of the plant and using leaves and stems can result in other issues. This most commonly plays out negatively in the form of liver toxicity.

The reports about liver toxicity have caused the European Union, United Kingdom, and Canada to put some restrictions on kava, but most personal use is allowed. In fact, the studies suggest that any correlation between liver toxicity and kava is rare and the few instances where it happened might have been caused by other drugs and alcohol consumption [9].

The safety of long-term kava usage has not been confirmed so it is a good idea to look for preparations from companies with the greatest reputations from the root of the plant (as opposed to the other regions).

Kava Bars and Experiencing Euphoria

By far the most effective way to achieve the kava high is through the actual root beverage itself. Even though this can taste earthy and unappealing to some, there are flavorings that you can find or purchase at a local kava bar.

Kava bars are not new, though their popularity and growth are modern phenomena. If you are trying to incorporate more kava into your life, it is a good idea to make sure you visit one of the kava bars near you. Though it is not necessary, it is a great social experience that combines the community gatherings of alcohol and other substances, but replaces it with the kava high, which is both legal, safe, and reliable.

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