Hordenine HCl


Found in a host of plants, hordenine is an alkaloid that interacts with the adrenergic system to promote focus and concentration among others. While the research on hordenine HCl is not conclusive by any means, there is preliminary evidence that this drug can be an adrenaline reuptake inhibitor [1], which makes it a common pairing with other drugs and substances.

Although it is fairly new, hordenine HCl is sold as a fat burner through enhanced metabolism. Unfortunately, few of the studies on hordenine HCl were performed on humans or via oral administration versus injection. Neither of these facts mean that hordenine HCl doesn’t work, but only that hordenine fat burning claims should be taken with a grain of salt.

Also Known As

N, N-dimethyltyramine

Editors’ Thoughts on Hordenine HCl

My only experience taking hordenine HCl is within the Qualia nootropic stack. The ingredient is 20 mg along with 29 others so it is nearly impossible to determine the effects of hordenine HCl alone.

It seems like Qualia also paired the drug with phenylethylamine and some form of AMP Citrate, which does give me some concern. It also makes identifying hordenine even harder (as they are supposed to work together to provide stimulation).

Otherwise, I’m not entirely sure hordenine is worth taking without more human research. It seems to have been popularized for burning fat, though this needs to be confirmed.

Mansal Denton, Nootropedia Editor

Benefits of Hordenine HCl

While it might seem like a synthetic new class of smart drugs, hordenine HCl was discovered and isolated as early as 1894 [2]. Since then, little has been done to adequately research hordenine HCl as it relates to human usage.

A single study in horses found hordenine in their diet, which was acting on their adrenal system [3]. This was the catalyst for more human research, but none of that has led to any results (for either fat burning or improved focus and attention).

Still, plenty of anecdotal reports suggest that hordenine HCl can be an effective stimulant through the adrenergic system. It is often paired with other smart drug compounds (even caffeine) for greater effect.

Looking a bit deeper, the benefit of hordenine HCl is as a noradrenaline reuptake inhibitor [4]. A doubling heart rate is one indicator used to measure this phenomenon in animals [5].

As far as using hordenine HCl for weight loss, there are also few studies suggesting this drug. One insect study showed that hordenine reduced appetite and was a “feeding deterrent” [6]. Of course, eating less is a major role in fat loss.

As a side note (but not pertaining directly to hordenine HCl), other studies showed that hordenine sulfate (different from the hordenine HCl) does not produce any higher quantities of norepinephrine whereas related compounds were able to increase norepinephrine by 36% and 50% [7].

The benefits of hordenine HCl seem interesting as a preworkout or stimulatory agent for some other purpose (professional / work related tasks), but is not necessarily well studied.

Side Effects of Hordenine HCl

From both anecdotal evidence and the scientific literature, there are side effects of hordenine HCl to keep in mind. First, almost anyone who has used this drug finds that it increases heart rate and blood pressure. This makes sense given the mechanism of action (i.e: how it works) so people who have existing heart issues should not take hordenine HCl in combination with other adrenergic drugs (like caffeine, modafinil etc).

Another issue (which is less of a side effect and more of a legal danger) is that hordenine often interacts with morphine / opiate drug tests. Hordenine can cause a false positive for morphine and related opiate drugs [8].

Hordenine HCl Dosage

There are no thorough oral administration studies on hordenine HCl so the dosage is not yet known. Many people anecdotally use a dosage of 10 – 20 mg and it is not something they take daily.

If you are experimenting or trying hordenine HCl, it might be a good idea to take a lower dose and then increase with time as your body shows the capacity to handle such a thing. The dosage should be lowered if you are planning to take adrenaline yielding compounds like caffeine, modafinil or something similar.

How and Where to Buy Hordenine HCl

There are not many places where you can buy hordenine HCl as it is a relatively new substance to hit the marketplace for human consumption. There are few health food or grocery stores that will be willing to carry hordenine HCl so keep that in mind before you start searching.

It’s best to buy hordenine HCl online where you can not only compare the prices, but also see what other community members think about the product. Although we do recommend Pure Nootropics and Nootropics Depot as recommended vendors, neither company currently sells hordenine HCl.

Therefore, based on our analysis of the company and anecdotal reports from community members, we suggest you purchase hordenine HCl via Liftmode. You can find other hordenine HCl for sale online, but this is the safest solution.

Selected Community Experiences

I have found since posting this, that hordenine lifts my mood amazingly. It has a very mild stim feel, color enhancement, and relaxation. Mix it with my daily weed it makes me blissfull, especially with pea . I take 30-40mg in the mornimg, and 15mg hordenine+300-500 pea at noon to boost my mind and give me some energy.” [9] – Bagnag

PEA+Hordenine is a horrible stack. It will teach you the meaning of “uncomfortable euphoria”. One reviewer I read (after trying it, unfortunately) said he would compare it unfavorably to meth. Just…don't do it. Definitely not nootropic, and could become highly addictive.” [10] – Flinthearted

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