The way coluracetam works and its chemical structure are very different to other racetams. Even though it is in the same family, this nootropic has developed a reputation as being a unique smart drug compared with others. Coluracetam is no less effective than other racetams, however.

It is popularized by the nootropic community as a way to increase memory formation and cognitive enhancement through a process called “high affinity choline uptake” (HACU) [1]. This is one of the most important features of coluracetam, which has gained so much popularity within the smart drug community.

The same mechanism can be helpful as a neuroprotective agent against the onset of Alzheimer’s disease and other age related ailments [2]. For healthy adults, this can translate to neuroprotection against cognitive decline.

Many people opt to consume coluracetam sublingually, which is through a specific solution (and pipette dropper), which is placed under the tongue. This offers quicker absorption and helps bypass first-pass metabolism in the intestinal tract.

Also Known As

MKC-231, BCI-540, 2-(2-oxopyrrolidin-1-yl)-N-(2, 3-dimethyl-5, 6, 7, 8-tetrahydrofuro2, 3-b quinolin-4-yl)acetoamide

Editors’ Thoughts on Coluracetam

I think it’s possible to consume many nootropics (and even racetams) via a sublingual solution, but my first foray into that administration method (how I get the drug in my system) was via coluracetam.

Coluracetam itself is not as potent or strong of an effect as phenylpiracetam, but that is often a good thing. It helps me to stay focused on the task, think creatively, without feeling too jittery or off balance. I suspect the sublingual solution helps make the effects stronger at the beginning.

I’m definitely a fan of coluracetam (especially over the weaker forms of racetams) and can tell a distinct difference between it and some of the others. If you cannot buy coluracetam sublingual solution online, I suggest you either make your own (it’s easy) or just go with powder as it isn’t that hard to swallow.

Mansal Denton, Nootropedia Editor



Coluracetam Benefits

Coluracetam is a fairly new nootropic compound, which is part of the racetam family. Because of how new it is, there are relatively few studies regarding the efficacy of the drug. Yet, what does exist is extremely promising for anyone interested in improving their memory, protecting their brain from neurological degeneration, and improving cognitive abilities.

The primary benefit of coluracetam is the increase in high affinity choline uptake (HACU) [3]. More specifically, this process helps increase the uptake of choline into the synapses of the brain in order to synthesize more acetylcholine. Usually, human brains have limitations on acetylcholine production and coluracetam bypasses this for your cognitive benefit.

The downstream effects of this are manifold. One of the main proposed coluracetam benefits is as a neuroprotective agent that can support against Alzheimer’s disease [4]. While the research is still scarce, this seems plausible given the interactions with the cholinergic system and these age-related neurological diseases.

Anecdotal evidence suggests that coluracetam, like some of the other racetams, can act as a mood enhancer as well. This evidence comes through nootropic communities as many people take the drug for cognitive enhancement and note the secondary effects. View the Selected Community Experiences below to see how people are reacting to coluracetam itself.

How Does Coluracetam Work?

As explained before, coluracetam primarily works through the process of high affinity choline uptake. This is the “mechanism of action”, which is a fancy way of saying “how it works”. The brain chemical often responsible for storing memories and cognitive abilities is acetylcholine. This chemical is part of the cholinergic system, which is impacted when coluracetam increases the amount of acetylcholine in the brain.

As many studies on acetylcholine show, additional quantities of this brain chemical can prove very valuable for improving memory formation, learning, and general cognitive abilities. Coluracetam works by increasing your levels of acetylcholine in certain regions (such as the hippocampus), which are responsible for memory [5].

Side Effects of Coluracetam

Again, the scientific research and evidence is scarce regarding the side effects of coluracetam. This nootropic compound is anecdotally well received by the human body and brain. Taking coluracetam usually does not create many side effects, but when they exist are similar to other racetams.

Irritability and nausea are sometimes concerns, but they are extremely rare. Usually coluracetam helps feelings of anxiety and depression. Finally, you might find that the coluracetam is too stimulating to take later in the evening or at night. If this is the case, just try to take it earlier or find a smaller dosage.

Coluracetam Dosage

The research does not clearly state the best coluracetam dosage, but there are a few different recommendations based on extrapolating data. Taking a dose of 3.2 – 32.7 mg is recommended, but usually 20 mg is the starting dose.

One thing many people enjoy is to dose coluracetam sublingually, which helps to avoid first-pass metabolism in the intestinal tract. If using the sublingual solution, use a dosage of 20 mg to start and place the dropper under the tongue. The longer the solution is there, the better chance of absorption.

Keep in mind that the coluracetam dosage peaks in the blood at around 30 minutes, which means it is a fast-acting nootropic compound. In order to take advantage of it best, time your dosage for rigorous mental work as it declines from the bloodstream in 3 hours or less [6].

How and Where to Buy Coluracetam

Coluracetam is a new smart drug that does not have the regulation of the U.S. Food and Drug Administration. Like many other racetams, it is a powerful and effective nootropic, but not one that is well regulated by authorities. That means you must buy coluracetam with care to avoid quality control problems.

The best way to do this is through scientific verification of authenticity. There are two specific tests that you should look for in your coluracetam products:

  1. Assay
  2. Heavy Metals

The assay will give you a percentage of the material that you purchase (so you can be sure of the purity). The heavy metals information will give you a clear indicator of dangerous heavy metals that might be lurking in your smart drugs.

Through these tests, you can avoid many of the short and long-term problems that might occur with manufacturing error. We all make mistakes, but it isn’t something that should happen when you are altering your brain chemistry.

Nootropedia recommends using PureNootropics Coluracetam so that you can take advantage of their third party purity testing. For more information on PureNootropics please read this.

Selected Community Experiences

Personally, I have been doing between 10-15mg both sublingually and orally. I can't discern which is the more effective method. Oral seems to potentially last a bit longer, but is likely more subtle. As far as the effects go I would say I'm not quite sure how much cognitive benefit I've had, however what I have noticed is that, overall, I'm happier! There is a notable amount of sociability and anxiolytic‎ benefit. When I think back about my day and previous days, I notice that I have a more positive outlook.” [7] – lynxon

So when I tried coluracetam today with the permission of my very liberal psychiatrist, I was surprised to find that suddenly I could decide not to do something and then simply not do it. It's a sensation completely unlike anything I've experienced before, even on other racetams… drastically increased impulse control on coluracetam. [8]- probablytoomuch

I've been using Coluracetam for over 2 years now on a fairly regular basis and never had any problems with it. Depression has only occurred when combined with a choline source, which is unnecessary with a choline reuptake enhancer anyways – Krill Oil, however, has been fine. No tolerance whatsoever has been experienced, nor have I heard of such issues occurring. [9]- Ekscentra

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