Ceretropic Review

Nootropics users who are interested in research chemicals and new compounds have few options to choose from and one is Ceretropic. This company was developed by two Redditors and continues under the direction of one, who is an active moderator and also owns and operates Nootropics Depot. The Ceretropic brand has developed quickly within the nootropics community, but the nature of these research products as made it come under the scrutiny of governmental organizations.

This Ceretropic review will analyze the merits of this brand in fulfilling quality products reliably and maintaining the safety of customers through various means.

Quality Control and Ceretropic

From the beginning, the quality control specifications of Ceretropic have been great. The major testing is done in-house, which has added to Ceretropic’s reputation as being “very reliable” with a high quality of control and testing. The products are usually tested both in third party labs and in-house, which adds greater safety.

However, because the Ceretropic product line is unique and research-oriented, the company has come under scrutiny for some of their products. In one instance, noopept sublingual solution was recalled due to a bad batch. While this created quality control questions, the owner quickly recalled the product with a full explanation and refund for those affected.

Some quality control issues are a nature of the nootropics “beast”. Because the market is still relatively in its infancy, experimental peptides and nootropics from Ceretropic can be seized at customs without explanation.

Buy Ceretropic – Shipping and Fulfillment

Ceretropic handles a large volume of orders and is considered reliable in most cases. Specific situations arise where their peptides or products are seized by U.S. FDA or customs agents.

In 2015, one complaint was the slow speed of a group of SEMAX nootropic orders. Customers who had ordered the product were expecting to have it delivered and found it arrive many months late.

However, the Ceretropic owner addressed these issues, offered compensation and support in exchange. This and other similar incidents show Ceretropic does make mistakes especially given the nature of their products, but are quick to rectify them.

NOTE: The editors and managers of Nootropedia have developed a friendly relationship with Ceretropic and their owner (the same as Nootropics Depot). However, this does not hinder our ability to objectively analyze this company based on their merit as a vendor.

With that being said, Ceretropic seems to be one of the more reliable and trustworthy vendors to buy smart drugs.


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