Butter in Coffee Benefits – 3 Unusual Reasons to Make This Drink


Adding butter to coffee (in addition to MCT oil or coconut oil) is quickly becoming one of the hottest health trends, but it is not a new phenomenon. Our ancestors in the Himalayas have been using butter with tea for many hundreds of years and the modern concoction is a reincarnation of a popular, but well-established drink.

Many people debate the butter in coffee benefits, but there is solid science to back up the claims of proponents of this drink (such as Dave Asprey). While Asprey calls his drink the Bulletproof coffee, that is his specific trademark, which has no real difference compared to making butter coffee yourself.

What Are the Butter in Coffee Benefits?

Of course, the primary benefit of butter in coffee is the caffeine content from coffee itself. This is a nutrient that has been used for hundreds of years and is one of the most important substances for anyone to enhance their cognitive potential.

Besides the obvious caffeine boost (which could come from regular coffee or energy drinks), there are alternative advantages as well.

#1. For one, fat can help to absorb the caffeine better. While there are few studies that show this within the context of caffeine, it is often true with many other psychoactive substances.

For example, the Dutch in Amsterdam ensure they combine THC (marijuana) with a source of fat within their brownie or cake. The same is true for people who take psilocybin within chocolate and there are countless other legal examples as well.

Many people like the caffeine to hit instantly and with more power, which is one of the main butter in coffee benefits that you might experience.

#2. Fats are converted to energy quicker. What most people do not realize is that fat is the most efficient source of energy for your body. It is so dense, there are around 9 calories of energy per gram of fat (which is double that of protein or carbohydrates).

A fat source like MCT oil (medium chain triglycerides) will not likely add fat to your body, but instead get used very quickly as energy. One study in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition showed that MCT converts from calories into energy in 3 steps instead of the 25 steps that is often required for sugar [1].

#3. Helps increase ketones. One of the best ways to improve your brain function is through a specific compound called beta hydroxybutyrate. This is a specific ketone body, which is used to help aid your brain when it needs more energy. Usually, this only happens when you do not have enough food in your diet, but if you have far less carbohydrates than you need, it is easy to get more ketones.

Best of all, it’s easy to add ketones through the use of MCT and similar types of oils. You’ll find the butter can also help to increase the production of ketone bodies for your health.

The Secret to Butter in Coffee Benefits

While there are many benefits of incorporating butter in coffee, it’s important to consume the right type. Butter is not all made equally especially in the case of America. The butter is mostly made with cows that are fed grains instead of grass. This changes the health profile.

If you want the butter in coffee benefits, we must consume grass-fed butter. The main reason for this is because butter that is not from grass-fed cows will have way too many omega-6 fatty acids rather than omega-3 [2]. We want to get as many omega-3 fatty acids in our diet as possible.

How to Enhance Butter in Coffee Benefits

Even though the basic butter in coffee benefits are pretty profound, there are ways to increase the efficacy and take full advantage of this combination. The way many people do that is by combining it with nootropics (often referred to as a nootropic stack).

A butter coffee combined with the following nootropics can work wonders for your brain and your body:

Butter Coffee + L-Theanine – this is an amino acid that is found in green tea. Adding L-theanine into your butter coffee is going to help to reduce the negative side effects of caffeine (like feeling jittery, anxious, and unfocused) while improving your level of concentration. Just add 200 mg of L-theanine powder into your butter coffee and you won’t taste a thing.

Butter Coffee + CoQ10 – even though CoQ10 (coenzyme q10) is not a popular drug, it is something we all carry in our brains and bodies. It won’t feel any different, but the long-term health benefits of CoQ10 are quite profound. Because CoQ10 is fat soluble, it works very well.

Butter Coffee + Aniracetam – sometimes it is worth taking it up a notch and butter coffee combined with aniracetam is just the trick. This is a fat soluble racetam (one of few), which has interactions with creativity and memory. In some cases it can even reduce symptoms of anxiety as well.

Most people do not know that butter in coffee benefits can be amplified by adding other nootropic compounds and substances. While it is not a commonly known feature, it is something that you should take advantage of if you are already using the wonders of butter coffee.

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