Aniracetam Dosage for Optimal Effects


Recommended aniracetam dosage: 750 mg x 2 servings per day

Aniracetam is considered a more potent and fast-acting member of the racetam family. The right aniracetam dosage will depend on your desires and personal biochemistry, but listed above is a good starting point.

Mechanisms of Aniracetam

The reason the aniracetam dosage matters is because aniracetam is unique from other drugs in the family. Piracetam and aniracetam have widely varied dosages because of the differences in their mechanism.

Aniracetam is quickly absorbed into the bloodstream and has a short half life [1], which makes it a potent tool for focus and concentration benefits. Many people who use aniracetam on internet communities note that it is an incredibly effective tool for this purpose.

Although the recommended aniracetam dosage is around 750 mg x 2 servings, you may be better off taking more servings than two because of the stimulating effects. You may want to take upwards of 3 – 4 servings of smaller doses to get the full effects.

Heroic Aniracetam Dosage

Within the scientific literature, the effects of aniracetam seem to be related to AMPA modulation [2]. This has a significant impact on cognitive abilities and primarily in the realms of anti-anxiety, reducing feelings of depression, and similar mood related ailments.

It is rare, but some people on the internet communities of Reddit and Longecity use heroic aniracetam dosages in order to test their persona brain chemistry on high doses. We do not recommend that you try this, but it is a trend given that racetams are considered particularly safe compared to other nootropic compounds.

Some of the feedback that we have seen regarding aniracetam has been very high. For example, one of the quotes that we have found regarding the topic suggests:

Aniracetam has severly reduced my anxiety, has allowed me to take back control of my life and has given me a new sense of purpose through increased mental clarity, focus and motivation.” [3]– simplicitea

It is helpful to see that people are using the aniracetam dosage effectively and seeing cognitive advantages of doing so.

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