Absorb Health Review

Absorb Health (also known as Absorb Your Health) is a supplier of many health supplements. Within many online communities they are considered an option for sourcing nootropic supplements. While we will take anecdotal evidence into account, this Absorb Health review will by an objective analysis of existing facts.

The nootropics world is growing rapidly and Absorb Health is one of the bigger vendors in the nootropic space.

If you look hard enough you may find that Absorb Health has been implicated in selling fake product that include none of the advertised drug. Both their panax ginseng (proof) and pramiracetam (proof) have been tested and falsified. See this reddit thread. It should be noted that the Nootropics Reddit community is not particularly fond of Absorb Health.

Quality Control and Absorb Health

The quality of products through Absorb Health is somewhat reliable, the have done third party testing, but we cannot confirm that they test every batch of their products. Recently, there have not been reported instances of neglect, poor quality, or bad products being sent to people in the Nootropics community; this may be due to Absorb Health taking a closer look at the products they send out.

In this Absorb Health review, the biggest mark against the brand is their lack of third-party (non-manufacturer) certificates of analysis. They purchase (along with all other vendors) their nootropic products that are often synthesized in China and yet have no certificates of analysis to confirm that what you're getting is what they purport to sell, this brings up a worry in the buyers mind. Even well-reputed companies like Nootropics Depot doesn't do third party testing but rather relies on extensive in-house testing, which is not without its faults (conflict of interest). Absorb Health may not be the most reputable vendor of nootropic supplements, but they do have product in stock  and offer a money back return policy.

We recommend spending more time on our website to learn about Nootropics and places to get them from.

Absorb Health – Ethics, Shipping and Fulfillment

Aside from having questionable analysis of their products, Absorb Health has been keeping up in the Nootropics industry. We expect to see an update of COA's and more activity in the community with the intentions of the owner(s) being more apparent. Nootropedia recommends anyone trying out Nootropics to go through reviews, information about the products, and to gain information on who to go through for health supplements.


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