Absorb Health Review

Absorb Health (also known as Absorb Your Health) is a supplier of questionable reliability and trust. Within many online communities they are considered a poor option for many reasons. While we will take anecdotal evidence into account, this Absorb Health review will by an objective analysis of existing facts.

The nootropics world is growing rapidly and Absorb Health has a reputation for taking advantage of new nootropic users in relatively subversive ways.

Quality Control and Absorb Health

The quality of products through Absorb Health is somewhat reliable. There have been no reported instances of neglect, poor quality, or bad products being sent to people in the nootropics community. However, this might be because most nootropics community members already steer clear of this brand.

In this Absorb Health review, the biggest mark against the brand is their lack of third-party (non-manufacturer) certificates of analysis. They purchase (along with all other vendors) their nootropic products that are often synthesized in China and yet have no certificates of analysis for people to feel a peace of mind.

Given that there are so many other brands, such as Nootropics Depot or Powder City, which have certificates of analysis and perform extensive lab work, we do not recommend Absorb Health if safety is important to you.

Absorb Health – Ethics, Shipping and Fulfillment

Beyond having no certificates of analysis or independent testing, Absorb Health also engages in questionable marketing practices. Their customer base is primarily non-savvy / new users who are referred to the Absorb Health website with false expectations. This is the main complaint of Reddit moderators.

These claims do not make Absorb Your Health a dangerous or unsafe vendor, but they do bring into question the motives and practices of the owners. Given the range of suppliers from which to buy nootropics online, we recommend opting for a different brand.


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  • Luke Pendergraft

    Just got off the phone with “customer service” with Absorb Health because I needed to cancel an order because I couldn’t afford to buy it at this time. Instead of being helpful he chose to argue with me about why I needed to cancel the order. I had to call because there’s no way to cancel an order through the website, I even had an account. Go to nootropics depot or powder city. Absorb Health is a shady waste of time.

    • Mansal Denton

      Thanks for sharing, Luke! Sorry you had that experience. It looks like Powder City is closing down, but Nootropics Depot and Pure Nootropics are good options instead.