About Us

Welcome to Nootropedia

We are a team of bio-hackers and fitness and health enthusiasts committed to bringing you the latest on nootropics and human optimization.

For the past 6 years we've have been a part of the nootropic industry helping millions to improve cognitive performance using smart drugs and nootropics.

Our Nootropedia YouTube Channel has been viewed nearly a million times, our 30 minute independent documentary was a hit, and we have around millions more coming to this website every year…

…so I've noticed a few things about nootropics and the people who use them.

Origin Story: The Birth of Nootropedia

Supplements are almost universally untrusted. The supplement and nootropic industries have a bad reputation… and for good reason.

One of the great resources to come from this lack of trust is a website called Examine.com founded by real scientists doing full-scale analysis of different compounds. They do a great job.

But science provides an incomplete picture of many things including nootropics.

Almost all of the scientific literature focuses on “sick care” versus healthy individuals. Investment into research naturally goes towards people who need it the most (sick people), but most nootropic users are looking to enhance themselves instead.

This is why Nootropedia was born.

We wanted to create an educational content platform for nootropics, smart drugs, and cognitive enhancement generally.

Most importantly, we triangulate three things, which nobody else does:

  • Scientific research (as evidenced by thousands of NCBI references)
  • Anecdotal evidence and citizen science (community experiences on Reddit and Longecity)
  • Education on n=1 subjective analysis (how each individual responds to substances)

Nobody else takes all of these factors into account to paint a complete picture of the nootropic landscape so that users may make educated and informed decisions.

Trusted Vendors: Navigating the Minefield

Another flaw we noticed in the nootropics industry was the lack of information and awareness around nootropic supplement vendors.

Examine does a great job analyzing the scientific value of a compound, but if an excited user wants to buy, they have to navigate the minefield of vendors themselves.

From the beginning, our relationships with vendors have allowed us to see which have customers best-interest in mind, which vendors are transparent, and which ones can be trusted.

It is no surprise that our analysis of these vendors has been used by thousands of people to stay safe and purchase products manufactured with good practices.

Of course we do get a small commission on sales that pass through our recommendation, but this has never been the main priority. In fact, we take a serious pay cut by recommending authentic and trustworthy vendors over higher paying shady companies.

Fundamentally, we believe there is value in providing guidance for consumers to buy nootropics that they have found compelling.

What Nootropedia is Doing Now

We are all-in on educational content.

We try to regularly put new articles on Nootropedia, new YouTube videos are published frequently, we produced a documentary entitled A Head Above so that nootropic beginners can get a free overview of what these substances can do, and we have a VIP membership, which allows users to sign up for paid videos, Q&A, coursework, and other materials.

We believe creating valuable content educating people on the risks and rewards about enhancing their mental performance is the best use of time in the industry. By making it a collaborative effort with users who can submit Feedback on the right side of every page, we encourage users to share their experience, warnings, and understanding of science.

Most importantly, Nootropedia exists to help individuals take control of their own life, their mental and physical wellbeing, and have the autonomy to experiment as they see fit. The more individuals empowered and responsible for themselves, the better off our society will be.