About Us

From university students to Silicon Valley executives, Wall Street traders to high-powered lawyers, nootropics are starting to catch on.

Fueled by fictional media attention, increased scientific understanding, and popular adoption, these “smart drugs” are becoming more mainstream… but people understandably have questions:

  • Do nootropics actually work are are they snake oil?
  • Which nootropics work and which do not?
  • How do I get started with nootropics?

Nootropedia helps to answer these questions and provide unbiased advice on nootropic supplementation and brain health. Beyond information, we provide the tools you need to take action and test which nootropics make a difference for you.

How Does Nootropedia Work?

Nootropedia consults the scientific data, but not at the risk of making it impossible for normal people to understand. Other great resources, such as Examine, focus on the research alone, but we are more interested in digestible, easy to read information. This explains our brief summaries, explanatory videos, and inclusion of community experiences and anecdotes. We also encourage and desire feedback to make Nootropedia a collaborative effort.

Aside from our informational resources, we also created a web application called NooTracker to allow new or experienced users an opportunity to track their usage and dosage to find which nootropics were making an impact on them specifically.